Wow! That's everything. So far!

Our editor in chief is a weird guy. He zigs while we're all zagging. Usually after the tea cart goes around (this was an hour ago) we usually chat before shuffling off to meetings at Pilum Tower. I could tell he was wrapped around the axle about something all the way down the hall. Was pretty sure I wasn't going to get the kind of bear claw I was hoping for. Went something like this:

"I'm not saying it's great. It is great. It is great that our message is getting out there. That people--this person anyway--like our books. This person read every one of our books. And where there's one there's three. But forget it!"

I look around. Yep. Everyone is looking like they're caught in an episode of Mad Men. 

"What's coming up? What's coming up is what matters." About then the art director hits us with her ad. 

Editor in chief looks at it there on the pasteboard, just like you are doing now, says, "Names. I want the names on there. I want an introduction written by a BIG. FAMOUS. WRITER. Not sure I understand the title, but whatever. [EiC often says "Titles are garbage; they don't mean anything.] What is that? A skeleton? Looks like it was drawn by a half-wit. Or an AI. Scotch the cursed skeleton. Get a human on the case."

We were all laughing a bit. I guess we were amused that the editor in chief even knows what artificial intelligence is. Moreover--that he didn't have a smart remark about it.

More soon, about DEATH FLEX!

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