Wells of Ur Press Proofs Arrive!

You get a certain feeling going over a press proof. A kind of creeping feeling of things left undone. And then you push through and actually read, again. You rediscover that spark of chaos and excitement that motivated the publication in the first place. Mollison is at his oracular best. Jackson, look out, here comes JB Jackson! Brian Renninger writes a version of The Iliad which seems to explain everything Homer got wrong. Argentavis speaks some new, strange language but everyone will recognize his city of splendor and dread. There are still changes outstanding from the proofreader, but we went ahead and ran a press proof anyway. So soon, soon! 

Take Fenton Wood's and Alexander Palacio's word for it. And ours. This book is really great.

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  • I’m so excited about this new book, places I remember are in it, & surprises I can’t wait to discover. Looking forward to getting a copy.

    Kathy Baker

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