SHAGDUK Kickstarter, JB Jackson appearance imminent!

Power sigil from a lost age!

Anyone who was there knows KZEW. For the rest of you here is the formidable Ken Rundel introducing none other than Freddie King back in 1975.

Now, here he is introducing Pilum author JB Jackson’s urban fantasy SHAGDUK, set in Fort Worth, 1977. Read it in "radio voice" for full effect:

"Ah, the golden days of YESTERFEAR! J.B. brings ‘em back to life, one introspective, paranoid, doom-laden diary entry after another. A magical blast from the past sure to please.”

The following is better if you continue to read it in radio voice. So, please, do two small, free things for us: 

First, follow Pilum’s SHAGDUK Kickstarter:

The more who follow us before the launch, the more the algorithm helps us meet expenses.

Second, tune into GeekGab on YouTube, Saturday, 
9 April, 2 p.m. Eastern, 11 Pacific. JB is going to lay it down about Texas libraries and the big beat.

Okay, we fibbed. There's a third favor but it still doesn't cost anything. Sign up to Pilum's e-mail list. There might be a discount coming down the pike.

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