Nick Cole to write the introduction to THE WELLS OF UR!

Hell yes
, we're going to stop the presses to tip in extra pages. Nick Cole, if you've been living under a rock, has done more for independent genre publishing simply by walking his talk than any loud game-talker we might name. And his work is a great example of the aesthetic we expressly underwrite at this press: his stories come from Love while swerving toward Doom.

What's true about Nick Cole is what's true about every other noteworthy writer we've ever known: they're eminently accessible to the forthright and positive to everyone. We're really excited at Pilum to have him along.

We polled everyone around the water cooler last Friday and THE OLD MAN AND THE WASTELAND edged out CTRL+ALT+REVOLT! as the staff favorite. Yeah, we still have an olden water cooler, glug, glug.

Amour et destin,

Okay, for you troglodytes, check him out at his home page.

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