Let's get this goat rodeo organized! What a weekend!

Kind of a huge Pilum weekend coming up:

1. JB Jackson's Kickstarter for his novel Shagduk will go live on Saturday morning (Pacific time). Thereafter he will be appearing on GeekGab, 11 a.m. Pacific;
2. Sky Hernstrom's Kickstarter for his story collection Thune's Vision will continue apace, with perhaps an announcement of a stretch goal. (We're right below $6,000 as of this writing.); 
3. The twenty-first century's pre-eminent roleplaying games critic and Pilum author, Jeffro Johnson will power us into Sunday by guest-hosting Inappropriate Characters wearing nothing but a loincloth, wielding nothing but a wand of light, and speaking nothing but truth; 
4. Finally, friend of Pilum, Rick Stump will be hosting friend of Pilum Alex Macris, publisher extraordinaire. Both Stump and Macris are up to Great Doings of Import. Tune in!

Whew. That's a lot of friends! 

Hope I didn't miss anything.

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