"Get Evenson on the blower!"

"Get Evenson on the blower," says the editor in chief. "Evenson will understand what the heck we're up to." Ten o'clock and he's already growling.
"I don't know if we can get Evenson, chief," I say, "You don't just call him up."
"Where did you attend school?" says the editor in chief. And then he says something really unkind about our home state. But his old-school abuse only makes me want to show him what a land-grant man can achieve. Somehow I pull it off!

So here's what Brian Evenson has to say about our new anthology:

The writers in Death Flex who take up the challenge of reworking Schmidt are reading him meticulously and with an open mind, looking for openings that will either spark their own imaginations or allow them to nudge Schmidt in their own direction.

Reworking and rereading. Rewriting. Perhaps these are the only liberties re-discovered by Post Modernism. Of course, they weren't ever really lost, not to we land-grant men anyway. But Post Modernism is good at jumping to the front of parades.

Anyway. It's a hell of a book. Evenson wouldn't be involved if it weren't so. Back our project on Indiegogo. Please help us pay off the subeditorials!

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