And So On, And So On, And This is How We Win!

"What do we have going on the FLEX?"
"I'm sorry?"
"Don't we have a book we're rattling the cup for?"
"Jeez. Kinda makes us sound like beggars."
"Well, what are the numbers, then? Money talks and bull--"
"Twenty-six percent."
"Well, I guess your salary is going to have to come down about eighty percent..."
"Don't you meant seventy-four percent?"
"Did I stutter? Or do you think PILUM PRESS RUNS ON UNICORN DUST?"
"Guess I better get on the blower."
"Guess so."
"I'll tell everyone to tell everyone. Kinda get a multiplier effect going. Like the shampoo commerical..."
"Son, we're not selling. Aw forget it. Do what you can."

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